Clarins Body Treatment Oil-Anti Eau

Body Treatment Oil-Anti Eau

Brand: Clarins

ID: #12141

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  • 100 % natural plant extracts and aromatic essential oils .
  • Reduces the appearance of "sponginess" .
  • Promotes more refined, lighter-feeling legs.


Barcode: 3380810521191
Original name Body Treatment Oil-Anti Eau
Sold for a year 942
Skin type Normal , For all skin types
Type products for the face and body Oil
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Removal of irritation , Skin nutrition , Calming effect , Smoothing effect , Anti-cellulite and draining

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20 Review(s)

4.7 / 5

Reviews (20)

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makes the skin very soft but smells rather peculiar

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Eleonora Granovsky

Makes my skin soft and silky, feel and smells good. Just love it.

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Marcelina Reny Sutanto

I use it on my belly 15 minute before do my workout.. and this product really burn my fat belly perfectly Note : i use with clarins body shaping cream

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I've always loved the body series from Clarins. Pair this with body shaping cream for a home-made spa treat!

user avatar
alissa serdoun

I used this during and after pregnancy, was worried about stretch marks since they say its hereditary and my mother had bad once but thanks to constant moisturizing I did not have any. Will continue using it to make sure my skin stays younger

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王 斯宇


user avatar

Oh, how I quickly fell in love with this product! My skin felt noticeably softer after two days of use, appeared much smoother after 7-10 days and the scent is absolutely divine. After use, you smell just like you've visited a high-end spa! During dry weather, I don't bother to rinse it and it's fine: easily absorbed into the skin and very moisturising.

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Tami Zaft

It's a must have body treatment with amazing texture and smell and results. The problem is price :)

user avatar
qian sun

I'm still using it after more than 2 months of purchase although I fail to adhere to it as my every day schedule. Cannot tell the effect but definitely not gonna be harmful anyway. : D

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I love this body oil. I've been using it for almost 4 years and always repurchase and keep at least one bottle as a back up. This stuff is great to put on those areas that accumulate water retention (legs, tummy, thighs). Use it especially after a long-haul flight, massage the oil up your legs and calves. The scent is really relaxing (spa-like), the oil hydrates the skin well and the you'll definitely feel less bloated.

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