Sisley Botanical Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free

Botanical Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free

Brand: Sisley

Brand Line: Sisley Botanical

ID: #17413

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  • An instant floral toning lotion.
  • Offers an instant freshness & comfort.
  • Greatly improves skin ability to hold moisture.
  • Promotes a refreshing & radiant complexion.
  • Perfect for dry & sensitive skin.
  • Alcohol-free.


Barcode: A032001701
Original name Botanical Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free
Sold for a year 523
Skin type Dry , Sensitive , Problem
Type products for the face and body Lotion
Tool properties Hydration of the skin
Aroma Floral

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21 Review(s)

4.6 / 5

Reviews (21)

user avatar
Irene Sung

My products arrived as you would get in high street stores....Love this product, your skin will feel hydrated, clean and ready for other products. Its very gentle and has a calming effect for sensitized skin like mine. A bit expensive.

user avatar
Christina Hsiao

I have been using this product for 30+ years!!! Yes. a long time because this is the best. I have very sensitive skin but Sisley products do not dry out my skin. It does not have alcohol in it. I highly recommend this product to everyone especially to those who have very sensitive skin.

user avatar

Very good. Mildly scented and contains witch hazel to finish off cleansing. Might be a little drying on extra dry skin. I use it sometimes but not daily.

user avatar
Michael Occhiogrosso

Sisley tonign lotion. I have used this toner on and off for years and it never lets me down. Very soothing and no artificial colors. Great on cotton pads as an eye compress as well. Great for men after shaving as well.

user avatar
Yan Chen

Great for sensitive skin. Alcohol free toner. Great for sensitive or dry skin. Fast absorption and minimum fragrance.

user avatar

Love it!. Absolutely love it! Sisley hardly disappoints. One of very few lotions that doesn't dry my skin.

user avatar
Julie King-Jones

Very gentle on skin. There's no burning alcohol sensation... just a fresh, gentle toner that brightens your skin ready for the rest of your routine. Your skin after this product will feel moist and soft to the touch. You can always tell when you've forgotten to use it! That's what I like... a product that really makes a difference. I think this is definitely one of those products!

user avatar
yueling li

Always love. I have been using this for years and will continue to use it just cause i could not find any lotion better than this. I like its smell and the fact that i can use it around my eyes.

user avatar
Valeria S

неплохо для разнообразия. но ничего выдающегося. Главное, что не вызывает аллергии.

user avatar
Marjukka Heikkilä

Sisley Botanical Floral Toning Lotion. Rauhoittavalta ja raikkaalta tuntuva kasvovesi. Sopii herkällekin iholle. Miellyttävä tuoksu.

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